Welcome to the HAMMER PROJECT

Decisions related to forest management can have long-term, sometimes irreversible impacts on logging. Today it is essential to be able to get the tools and knowledge necessary to improve these decisions in order to preserve the resources and think about their exploitation in a sustainable way.

The goal of the HAMMER (standing for Harvesting with Marteloscope Methodology in a European Ring) Project is to build a platform of digitized marteloscopes for learners and professionals of the forestry sector in order to simulate the cutting decisions and foresee the consequences on the plot through different aspects: economical, ecological, the risks taken….

Together with the EPLEFPA of Bazas and the FCBA Technological Institute, both located in France, two Spanish forestry schools in Galicia (Antioquia and Sergude), the University of Tampere in Finland, the Vocational Forestry School of Ormea Baruffi in Italy and the training organization Forêt Wallonne in Belgium are involved in the project.

The strong keys of the project are:

a) to use the marteloscope technique in teaching all types of learners: general education, lifelong training or in apprenticeship;
b) to rely on a digital, attractive and easy to use computer tool;
c) to combine fieldwork and classroom, as marteloscopes are constructed by learners in forest, before being digitized through a software;
d) to have diverse examples and media at European level (regular or irregular silviculture, Nordic type with evergreen slow growth species, deciduous forests, Mediterranean vegetation …);
e) to decline various uses of the computer tool to other publics and in diverse situations (information, awareness) in order to present additional challenges to the actions of classical training, evoking themes such as forest resilience to weather hazards and climate changes or fire.

The HAMMER project is realized in the framework of a “Strategic partnerships addressing more than one field” of ERASMUS + KA2 and involves European mobility of 96 learners.